Birthmother FAQs

How much will adoption cost me?

Nothing! Our adoption services are offered at absolutely NO cost to the birthmother.

Can I get financial assistance with medical expenses?

Yes! We will help you create an adoption plan that helps you obtain financial resources. This can include doctor’s visits, living expenses and other pregnancy related needs.

How are adoptive parents screened?

Every adoptive family we work with is licensed to adopt a baby in the United States. This means they have taken the necessary steps to become qualified to adopt a baby. Each family has undergone an adoption “home study” which is a thorough evaluation of the family’s home and ability to parent.

Who picks the adoptive family?

We encourage all birthmothers to take part in choosing the adoptive family. Once you have chosen a family (or a few!) from our adoptive family profiles, your adoption coordinator will assist you in contacting them.

Why should I consider adoption?

There is no sole reason for choosing adoption. One birthmother’s reasons might be completely different from another. With that said, there are many reasons to consider adoption. Perhaps you are not financially stable to raise a child, or maybe you would like to receive your high school diploma or college degree before parenting. Lack of support from family and friends or an unstable relationship with the birthfather are also reasons women consider adoption.