How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption

Visit Your Doctor

Schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as you discover you are pregnant. This is the first step for any pregnant woman, regardless if she is considering adoption. If you do not have a family doctor, visiting a clinic or Planned Parenthood are also viable options. Be sure to inform your doctor of any medications you are currently taking or changes in health. Feel free to discuss adoption with your doctor. Any information you share with them is confidential unless you specify otherwise.

Prepare a Medical History

Preparing a medical history is a crucial step in the adoption process. Having this information is not only beneficial to your health, but also for the adoptive parents. Your medical history will help doctors and adoptive parents spot and treat any allergies or ailments the child may develop. If possible, the birthfather should also provide a medical history.

Consider Your Options

Choosing to give a baby up for adoption is a huge decision. Adoption means forever - so being 100% comfortable with your decision to place is of utmost importance. Consider all options carefully, including parenting, before making the final decision. Should you choose adoption, more options are available. Deciding what type of adoption you’d like to have (open adoption or closed adoption) is another part of the decision-making process.

Contact an Adoption Facilitator

Even if you are unsure if adoption is right for you, contacting an adoption facilitator is the first step in weighing your options. Our adoption coordinators will discuss the adoption process with you in detail and help you with the decision. Included in this discussion will be info about financial aid, choosing an adoptive family, creating a delivery plan and more. We encourage birthmothers to ask any questions they have about adoption to ensure they are as informed as possible.

Choose a Family

We encourage all birthmothers to take part in choosing the adoptive family. Browsing through adoptive parent profiles will give you an inside look at the family’s hobbies, interests, extended family and lifestyle. Once you have chosen one (or several) adoptive families, your adoption coordinator will schedule an initial meeting.