Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Whether it’s the food you’re eating or the exercise you’re doing, there are many rules to follow when you are pregnant.


  • Get early and regular prenatal care
  • Take a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin
  • Avoid X-Rays until after delivery
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods
  • Get all the nutrients you need each day
  • Gain a healthy amount of weight (your doctor will tell you how much is healthy)
  • Work with your healthcare provider to create an exercise plan
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Read books and articles on what to expect while you’re expecting
  • Stay away from smoking - even secondhand smoke
  • Take steps to avoid illness (wash hands, keep your hands away from your eyes and face, etc)


  • Drink alcohol, smoke, chew tobacco or take drugs
  • Take hot baths or go in hot tubs or saunas
  • Eat fish with lots of mercury
  • Exercise too much. Find a plan that works for you
  • Miss doctor’s appointments

All in all, receiving the proper health care during your pregnancy is crucial to ensuring a positive outcome. If you have questions about how to obtain health care, call your doctor or visit a local Planned Parenthood. If you are thinking of placing your baby for adoption, you may be able to receive financial assistance for doctor’s visits, prescriptions and other health care needs.