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Allison & Charlotte
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Dear Birthmother

We acknowledge how important partnership is on this journey and are grateful to even be considered to be a part of your journey. We love you for even considering sharing your child with us. What a blessing! We have been ready to bring a child into our lives by creating a beautiful and safe home, working on ourselves and our relationship to be centered and strong, and saving our money so we can provide everything and anything a child would need and want. We have been nesting!

We love each other very much, which means we will amplify our love; we have so much more love to give. We are also both strong and spiritually grounded individuals who understand the road less traveled has unexpected challenges and obstacles. We have been alive long enough to also know the understanding and growth it brings. We truly believe everything happens for a reason. We hope to partner with you in this and create a family environment that will enable your son or daughter to thrive.

Having experienced much sacrifice in both of our lives, we understand this may be a challenging time. We hope you grow to love us. Love is always the answer.

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About Us

We believe we are here to spread joy and share love with everyone we meet. As a result, we find we enjoy almost everything we try, from hiking new trails to enjoying exotic foods, wandering around local neighborhoods, or playing in the snow. We like to have fun and work to keep our energy positive. When we have setbacks and sadness, we transform those experiences, believing only good will come from them. Our careers reflect our commitment to serving others. Allison is a hospice social worker who finds meaning in easing this transition for her patients and their families. Charlotte served in the military as a pilot and now works as a healthcare administrator in hospitals. Taking care of the healthcare needs of others is how we enjoy serving our community.

What Led Us To Adoption

Children are very important to us. We are excited about being parents and sharing our love. We tried to conceive over the course of the last five years but have been unable to bring a child into the world. We have many friends who adopted children and understand the joy and commitment it brings. We are dedicated to being great future parents and desire to teach children about love, compassion, courage, gumption, peace, and joy. We know the right child will enter our lives at the right time and look forward to partnering with a mother to raise an exceptional child who will bring even more light into this world.

Our Home


Our home is centrally located to walkable schools, medical care, community centers, libraries, and grocery stores. We chose our little neighborhood because of its family atmosphere, big trees, beautiful flowers, and proximity to our jobs. Allison works from home, and Charlotte walks to work. Our fenced backyard has a garden with lettuce, okra, tomatoes, and herbs. Allison has a green thumb! We enjoy our wood-paneled family room on the weekends and call them “cabin nights.” On cold weekends, we have a fire pit where we enjoy the sunset, the sounds of the birds, and cooking dinner on the grill. We converted our attic with stairs to a place for meditation, relaxation, and play. Our cat, Bells, eagerly awaits to “go to work” during the week in the attic, where he is free to explore and mostly nap among the simple treasures.

Our Family

Extended Family

Our families are very important to us, and we look forward to every reunion. We are spread all over the country, from Illinois and Maine to Florida, Arkansas, and Texas. Charlotte even has a cousin in Switzerland! We both come from relatively small families and see our dear friends as extensions of our families.

Charlotte’s only sibling is a yoga instructor and art connoisseur. Allison is an only child and is very close to her mother and dear friends. Allison’s mother was an art professor with a great appreciation for textile and ceramic art. Her father was from Mexico and brought a love of Hispanic culture and heritage into Allison’s ranching family. He was an incredible athlete and would light up every room. Allison’s stepdad was an avid survivalist using native techniques and now enjoys bird watching. Charlotte’s mother was a Navy nurse, and her father was a naval intelligence officer. They love helping others, gardening, renovating houses, and thrifting.

Having come from small families, we both long to have children and share the love our families have to offer.

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