Ashley & Amber

Ashley & Amber
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Dear Birthmother

It’s strange and difficult to write a letter to someone we’ve never met, and we’re sure it’s just as strange and difficult for you to try to gain insight into our lives from just a small profile. We appreciate you reading ours and learning about us.

We hope you’ll see from our life snapshot that we cherish the simple things in life and have a happy, loving home. We want you to know your child will be safe and sound, loved and adored beyond measure. It’s hard to just say thank you. That isn’t enough for the joy you are bringing to our lives through this gift you are considering giving us. A million thank yous wouldn’t even be enough. But we want you to know that we are so thankful to you for making our dream of being parents come true. Years of trying brought us to adoption, and we recognize you are making a difficult decision for yourself by putting your baby’s needs first.

Our love for your baby will start the minute we’re chosen. If you choose us to raise your child, be assured we’ll provide a life for them that will be full of love, happiness, and fun. We’ll give them opportunities to learn how wonderful the simple things in life are and how they can strive to be anything they want to be. We’ll support them in their journey and provide a life to make you proud of your decision.

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About Us

We’re Amber and Ashley, and we met over seven years ago through work. We’re both in emergency services: Amber is a Lieutenant for her fire department as well as an Advanced Emergency Technician and Ashley is also an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and working on becoming a Paramedic. We met on an emergency scene in 2015, connected as friends, then fell head over heels and have been married since April 2017. Even though shifts in these careers can be long, we alternate schedules so one is always home. If our schedules should overlap, we have family on both sides who are always willing to help out. We’re goofy, down to earth, and simple, and we love being outside and staying busy. You can find us working the garden, doing home projects, or tending to our mini farm. During the summer, we love having friends and family over for backyard barbeques. Even though our lives seem full of activities at times, there’s still something missing: a baby.

What Led Us To Adoption

Amber has a biological young-adult daughter from a previous marriage, Jaden, who is just finishing nursing school. But Ashley hasn’t experienced the joy and unexplainable love a baby brings even though she’s always wanted to have a family and be a mom. Raising a child together would strengthen the bond of our family and fill the spot in our hearts where something seems missing. After several years of trying with two failed IVF attempts, we began fostering children with the idea of adopting from there. We know adoption is the answer to our wishes to expand our family and share our lives and love. Bringing a baby (or two) into our loving family would increase the joy and happiness for everyone.

Our Home


We live in a little green farmhouse with a garden and a five-stall barn on two acres out in the country. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms.. We have seven dogs, four cats, two miniature donkeys, and a three-foot-tall pony, so there will always be plenty of fun with animals and excellent work ethic to be learned by being “out on the farm.” We live minutes away from town even though it feels like we are many miles out in the country. We cannot wait to raise a child with the joys of playing in the yard, riding the four-wheeler, or sitting on the front porch doing puzzles or crafts or just enjoying a popsicle.

Our Family

Extended Family

We have an enormous extended family consisting of parents, step-parents, step- and half-siblings, grandparents, and countless friends. We see our families at least two or three times a week since we live close to everyone. Both our families are ecstatic for us to bring a little one into our family. Even our work families are pushing for us to adopt! Your baby would be showered with so much love and acceptance.

Amber’s biological daughter is finishing nursing school. She’ll be living at home and commuting, and she’s excited to have a new little sibling. She’s been very supportive through our fostering journey and is a positive influence and helper with many aspects of home and farm life. She’s very responsible and has been working a steady job for almost four years. She’s resilient, having dealt with her parents’ divorce and shared custody. She’s learned how to work through difficult situations by witnessing her parents circle back to being friends and coparents. She has grown into a woman we are all proud of, and we know she’ll be a good example for her new little sibling.

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