Jennifer & Brian

Jennifer & Brian
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Dear Birthmother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so grateful you are considering this selfless and loving decision. As an adopted child herself, Jennifer knows exactly the depth of love it takes to consider an adoption plan. She will forever be grateful to her birthmother for making the hardest decision she had to make, but by doing so, Jennifer’s had an amazing life. This is one of the reasons adoption is the only option when growing our family.

If you make our dream come true by choosing us, we promise to love and cherish every minute with your child. We promise to provide endless love, support, patience, and understanding. Jennifer and her family, being built by adoption, will provide countless comforts from loved ones who understand on a different level how adoption is so beautiful.

If you choose us, we will be forever grateful to you. While there are not enough thank yous in the world to show our sincere appreciation, please know we will show it every single day as unconditional, loving parents to your child.

With so much love,
Jennifer & Brian

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About Us

We are a happy, fun-loving and energetic married couple who have been together for nine years. We have worked hard to become financially stable and built a great home. We know now is the time to start growing our family and we are so excited to be here! We love children and can’t wait to become parents. We’ve always known adoption would be how we created our family; it’s our first choice, not our backup plan. We are both very active, love the outdoors, and enjoy spending time with our loved ones. We enjoy cooking, being active, gardening, volunteering, and learning new skills. We can’t wait for a little one to pour all of our love on and to join us on all our adventures.

What Led Us To Adoption

We have always known we wanted to adopt children together and are excited about the opportunity. Jennifer was adopted as a baby and has two brothers who were adopted as well. She also has four cousins who were adopted, there is great pride in being a family of adoptees. We believe strongly that the best gift anyone can receive is a family. We are very excited to finally become parents and start the next loving chapter of our story.

Our Home


Our five-bedroom home has a beautiful, large backyard. Our neighborhood is family-friendly with children of all ages just waiting for another lifelong friend. We live near many parks and hiking areas. Our community offers numerous family events and activities we look forward to joining with a little one. We have a loving rescue dog named Buddy; he’s wonderful with people of all ages and other animals. We know he’ll be so excited to love any child we are lucky enough to have join our family. Our house will become our home when we are able to have a nursery and build a playset in the backyard. We can envision a stroller on the front porch for nightly family walks, and a porch swing to lovingly rock a baby back and forth. We are beyond excited to have these things become a reality.

Our Family

Extended Family

We come from loving and caring families we are very close with. We both have two brothers and are the middle children. We are close with all our extended family and get together as much as possible, speak on the phone, video chat, or text. We take family vacations together, celebrate the holidays, and host family reunions.

Between both our parents, there is almost 100 years of marriage and lots of love, wisdom, and support shared daily. They are very excited to have additional grandchildren in the family. We have four nieces, one nephew, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins we cherish. Growing up, we were both very close to our grandparents until they passed away. We feel so blessed to have large extended families we are close with and love them all very much. We have lots of family traditions we look forward to including a future child in.

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