Elisabeth & Paige

Elisabeth & Paige
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Dear Birthmother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We can’t imagine what you’re going through, but we admire you so much for seeking the best possible future for your child and yourself—even a future so hard to imagine. If you choose us as adoptive mothers, both we and your child will get to experience your love every day of our lives in the incredible gift you gave all of us: each other. However much you do or don’t want to be a part of their life, they will know how much we cherish their first mom, how much you love them, and what a gift you gave to make us a family.

We want nothing more than to give your child all the love and freedom they need to become their best self, to dream and fulfill big dreams, and to know they are loved, safe, and so deeply wanted, no matter what. We can’t wait to teach our child how to plant bulbs in autumn and wait for the flowers they bring in springtime, how to bake fresh bread, how to ride a bike, how to read wonderful stories (and write their own), and how to know birds by their songs.

Thank you so much for reading what we have to say. We wish you so much love and peace as you make this journey, regardless of the decision you make. We would love to get to know you and see if we are the parents you would choose for your child.

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About Us

Four years after connecting through a dating site, we got married at our church in NYC. Later that year, we moved back to Elisabeth’s hometown, where we’ve been able to create the home we’ve always wanted with our dog and a garden. We’re practicing Christians who are so grateful for the love we experience from our church community throughout the year, from Christmas and Easter celebrations to everything in between. Elisabeth is a passionate gardener who loves to read and travel, and Paige loves developing new hobbies and skills, particularly Brazilian jiu jitsu and rock climbing; we love to knit and sew together. Paige works in credit portfolio management at a large regional bank, and Elisabeth works as a manager at a local bookstore that has been a beloved community resource for more than 25 years.

What Led Us To Adoption

Paige has known since she was a child that she wanted kids and wanted to adopt. Elisabeth always knew that if she did become a mother, she’d want it to be through adoption. In the last few years, we’ve done a lot of research on adoption and its history, and we know we want to have an adoption where we can get to know the birthmother right from the beginning. We’re eager for our future child to know where they come from and that their biological and cultural heritage are valued in our family.

Our Home


We have a wonderful, 100-year-old home in a neighborhood with tree-lined streets where neighbors are always out walking their dogs and kids run back and forth between each other’s houses to play. We love walking to our local library and favorite bakery and going to the local elementary school playground, which has a large field where we can run and play with our dog, Juno. Juno loves small children and always wants to play with any we meet at the park. We know she’ll be thrilled to have her own child to play ball with! Elisabeth has turned our yard into a beautiful garden filled with flowers and vegetables, a fire pit to roast marshmallows and a large patio to host friends. This year we put a flower and vegetable garden in the front to replace the lawn and got to grow our own potatoes and Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving!

Our Family

Extended Family

Our families are scattered across the country, but we maintain close relationships with them. Elisabeth’s parents and brother live a couple states away, and we visit them about once a year. Paige’s mom is also in another state, but we are hopeful she might move close soon as we miss seeing her more than once a year. She can’t wait to be a grandma! Paige also has an older brother and sister and a much younger brother and sister, all of whom we try to see as often as we can. Paige’s older brother is her best friend, and they talk all the time.

Our other family is that of our amazing surrogate family we’ve met through our church and community. We are blessed to have so many older women in our lives who can’t wait to be aunties and will likely fight over who gets to babysit!

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