GerShun & Corey

GerShun & Corey
Our Religion(s)

Christian / None

Race of child interested in adopting:

Hispanic, Caucasian/African American, African American, African American/Hispanic

Dear Birthmother

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for reading our letter. We know you are facing a very difficult decision, and we greatly appreciate that you would consider us.

We are very excited about becoming parents after many years of being together. We have a close relationship with our two godchildren. Our favorite activities with them include reading before bed, going to the playground, coloring, and riding bikes. These are the kinds of activities we would do together with your child. More than anything else, we would provide an environment of safety, support, and love. It is also important for us to have a home always filled with laughter and play. With us, your child would grow up in a home that values education and hard work, but we also feel laughter and playing together are important.

You would be giving us an incredible opportunity to build a family, and we will be forever grateful. We look forward to developing and maintaining a relationship with you. We plan to make regular phone calls/video calls to stay in touch. We will also send texts, emails, and pictures, especially around holidays and birthdays. We believe this kind of ongoing connection is important for your child, and it is also important for us to feel connected to you at any level you’re comfortable with.

Thank you for thinking about making us part of your family and becoming part of ours.

Corey & GerShun

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About Us

We have been together for sixteen years. Corey grew up in the Virgin Islands, and GerShun grew up in Arkansas. We enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants. We also like to go for walks and watch movies. We often cook together and especially like to grill on the weekends, which was an important activity when we were both growing up. We often hang out with our friends who live nearby and enjoy spending quality time with them. GerShun likes to read and walk around the neighborhood. Corey likes to play tennis and watch television. GerShun is a teacher. He values education and helping others achieve their goals. Corey works in operations as a business executive at a beauty company. He deeply cares about people, which he shows in his work by putting his customers first.

What Led Us To Adoption

Our primary desire to adopt comes from wanting to raise a child and become parents. We would like to give a child what each of us had growing up: supportive family, access to education, and stability. We feel like we have a lot of love and guidance to share. We are godparents to two wonderful kids, now ages five and six, and our relationship with them has brought us so much joy. In addition, one of our closest friends is going through the adoption process, and we have been inspired by their decision to open up their home and hearts. We want to start our own journey with our family.

Our Home


We live in a townhome in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. Our house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The neighborhood is family oriented, and most of our neighbors have elementary school-aged children or toddlers. It is a very walkable area. We are near a couple of parks and have a playground in our community. There are a lot of museums and cultural activities in the area. It is easy to go on hikes and ride bikes. There are also a lot of great schools.

Our Family

Extended Family

GerShun is the oldest of four. He has two brothers and one sister, but one of his brothers passed away unexpectedly eight years ago. He has five nieces and one nephew. Christmas has always been the most important holiday of the year for his family. It is his mother’s favorite holiday, and it is the one time each year when all of his family tries to get together. Christmas is less about presents for his family; it is about quality time. His family has taught him the importance of quality time and being together.

Corey is an only child but grew up with two cousins around his age who were practically like his brothers. He grew up with his maternal grandmother, his mom, and his aunts and uncle in the same home in the projects of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. While the family did not have a lot of money, they celebrated each other by spending time together and lived a simple Caribbean life. Some of the things Corey and his family enjoyed doing include cooking Sunday dinner (usually freshly caught fish), having relaxing picnics at the local beach, and growing fruits and vegetables in the family garden.

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