Jamie & Josh

Jamie & Josh
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Christian / Christian

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Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Asian

Dear Birthmother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We can only imagine the deep love you feel for your baby and the courage it takes to consider an adoption plan. If you were to entrust us with this tremendous responsibility and the honor of choosing us to raise your child, our promise to you is that we will love your child unconditionally, protect them, guide them, teach them, and encourage them to grow to be the person they want to be in life.

We want you to be a part of your child's life if you choose to. We would want him or her to understand and appreciate the tremendous sacrifice you made out of love. Your child will always know where he or she came from and how you loved him or her.

Thank you so much for considering us. If you make the selfless choice to choose us to raise your baby, we promise you will never have to worry because he or she will be taken care of in every possible way. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

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About Us

We grew up just blocks from each other and went to the same high school. After high school, we didn’t see each other for twelve years until we ran into each other at a restaurant. From that day forward, we have never been apart for more than a day. We are best friends and soulmates. We support each other in every way. In the last year, Josh has started a new career in plumbing and loves it. Jamie has been a general manager at an eye doctor’s office for the last fourteen years and would never want to do anything else. We love spending as much time as we can doing all kinds of fun activities. We cannot wait to start our family together and reach the goals we have set for this family.

What Led Us To Adoption

From the moment we met, we have always agreed we wanted to start a family in whichever way we could. We decided early on that adoption was the path we wanted to take. Josh’s father and uncle were adopted so that was talked about in his home growing up; he thought it was an amazing thing. We just have so much love to give to a little one and can’t wait to become parents!

Our Home


We live in an amazing subdivision with so many young families in our neighborhood. We live in an amazing four-bedroom, four-bath home. The neighborhood is so quiet and is a spectacular area to raise a family. Our home backs up to a baseball field and a recreational center we have full access to. We have two amazing dogs. Alpha is a Yorkie, and Bowie is a Westie. They are the sweetest dogs you could ever meet; they love everyone they come in contact with. We have great walking trails in our subdivision plus two ponds we can go fishing at. It is such a beautiful area, and we take the dogs for walks a few times a week.

Our Family

Extended Family

Josh has a large family with four brothers and two sisters. His parents are both remarried, so he has two step-parents as well. Josh has a large extended family we see a lot. Jamie has a smaller family. Jamie’s father passed away in 2009, but she is very close with her mother and brother. Jamie has lots of cousins she sees regularly.

Spending all birthdays and holidays with our families is a must for us. For birthdays, we always come up with fun activities for the whole family. We have great holiday traditions as well. Two of our favorites are on the Fourth of July. We always have a big party at our house with both our families all together, and we do a parade around the block and get beeped at. On the day before Thanksgiving, we all head to Josh’s mother’s house to bake cookies and brownies of our choosing, so we have had some interesting flavors.

We are excited to share all these amazing traditions we have and to now be able to start new traditions with our new addition to this big, tight-knit family we have. This baby will be loved by so many outstanding people who support us in this process 100%.

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