Lucas & Harry

Lucas & Harry
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Christian - Orthodox / Christian - Catholic

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Dear Birthmother

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking time to review our profile and consider us as potential adoptive parents. We are so lucky and blessed to be able to go through this life-changing experience, and we understand choosing a family for your child is a huge decision. We want you to know we are so excited to become parents and to give a child the very best we and this world have to offer.

We cannot wait to make homemade dough for Christmas and Easter dinner (which will be messy but SO much fun), teach our children how to wash cars and do yard work, teach them about where they came from, and let them know their future is limitless. We can’t wait to introduce music into their lives, to sing with them, play piano, and watch movies. With love, patience, and adoration, we look forward to watching them grow from babies into adults.

We cannot imagine the gravity of the choice you have to make for your child, but we hope you will know by reading this that we will provide protection, love, and stability for your child. We will be here to answer any questions you have about our family or traditions. Just thinking of how our lives will change for the better has us over the moon with excitement. We look forward to the first words, first steps, first holiday, first birthday, and every precious moment we have with our child.

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About Us

We are a loving, dedicated couple that is excited to become parents. We have been growing together for ten years and tied the knot in 2019. That growth has led us to expanding our horizons and taking on new challenges as a couple, such as moving to the Carolinas, rescuing two amazing dogs, and building our own home filled with everything we love. Our proud heritage and traditions are carried through our daily lives as we cook our meals together and enjoy our shared hobbies individually, as a couple, and with our closest friends and family. While our upbringings may have been different, we both come from the need to create and maintain strong family bonds and relationships. We have so much love to offer children, and we cannot wait for the opportunity to show them that love.

What Led Us To Adoption

Our impression of adoption is no different than if we were to bring our own biological children home from the hospital. We have a cousin who was adopted into our family and aunts and uncles who were also adopted. Regardless of biological heritage, these family members are just that: family. We are both of the belief that family doesn’t have to be determined by blood and that we have the ability to make a healthy and loving family no matter what.

Our Home


When we think of family hangout spots, we picture our game room, complete with space for board games, card games, or family movie gatherings where we can cuddle on the couch with the kids and our dogs. The backyard is fully enclosed with a privacy fence, so we enjoy the sunny days throwing a frisbee, playing cornhole, or using the grill to prepare a meal we can enjoy together. Our kitchen has ample space so we can have our routine Sunday morning breakfast and teach the kids about the food we eat every day and where it comes from. We picture laughs, conversation, and rooms filled with love. Our neighborhood is new construction and is filling with families from all backgrounds and sizes.

Our Family

Extended Family

We love our family traditions. For the entirety of our lives, we have grown up spending holidays with our families, going to yearly reunions with even more extended family, and planning visits throughout the year. While our parents currently live up north, we still get together with them as often as possible.

After moving away from our most immediate family, we decided to start our own traditions that mirrored what we have been used to while living closer to family. We host Christmas and Greek Easter, our best friend hosts American Easter, and her mother, who is like our second mother, hosts Thanksgiving. We also have weekly dinners where we get together for a cookout and outdoor games, and we always make sure to spend some quality time together.

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