Robert & Thomas

Robert & Thomas
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Christian / Christian - Catholic

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Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/African American, African American/Hispanic

Dear Birthmother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We’re so thankful you found us, and we hope this first step leads us all toward a meaningful discussion. We can’t imagine the weight of the choice you’re considering, but we want you to know all we want for your child is a happy and loving home.

Should you choose us, we will raise your baby with kindness, love, and support. We hope you know you will always be just as loved and cherished as your baby. Your decision to choose adoption will be remembered as the beautiful and selfless act that allowed us to expand our family. Should you entrust us with your child, we would love the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures together.

No matter what life brings, we will face any challenge head on, with openness and compassion. We hope to show your baby the beauty in life, but most of all, we want them to know they were, currently are, and will forever be loved.

With love,
Robert & Thomas

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About Us

Thomas was born in Texas and grew up with one brother and four sisters. Robert was born in Texas as well and has one sister. We met in 2015 by chance at the family bakery, and we eventually worked up the courage to ask for each other’s number. As fate would have it, our careers moved us even closer together. Eventually we met each other’s families and instantly clicked. After a helicopter proposal, we were married in front of close family and friends. Currently Thomas is a pharmacist and Robert is an accountant. We live in Texas near a city and enjoy all of the fun and activities it has to offer. Our family also lives close by, and we’re grateful to have such an amazing support system as we begin on this journey.

What Led Us To Adoption

We’ve always known we wanted to be fathers, and we instantly fell in love when we were blessed with our son, Jet. Our world came together in such a quick and exciting way after we brought him home. Watching him grow, explore, and take on a personality all his own has been such a gift! Witnessing the magic of siblings while spending time with Thomas’s nieces and nephews has solidified our plans to adopt multiple children. We’re hoping by setting out on this journey, we can find the baby boy or girl who’d love to have us as fathers along with a kind and caring older brother.

Our Home


We recently moved into a new home a few minutes away from our first house. We love the location and enjoy the nearby restaurants, shopping, and venues. Our neighborhood has a private pool, splash pad, playground, and clubhouse, plus there are many amazing and diverse families. We’re a short walk from a great public park with several trails and playsets for kids. Our home is on a corner lot with a large backyard and covered patio, perfect for hosting friends and family. We have two dogs, one beagle mix and one corgi, both of whom are friendly and fond of children.

Our Family

Extended Family

Thomas grew up with five siblings, one brother and four sisters, all of whom live very near to our home. He also has nine aunts and uncles who live within an hour of us. It’s a large, close-knit, and constantly growing family. He has five nieces and nephews as well, all under five years old, so we know any child of ours will have many friends to play with and turn to. Thomas’s father is retired, and although his mother enjoys her work, she plans to retire in the next few years to spend more time with the grandkids.

Robert grew up in a smaller family, with just his mother and sister. They both live close by. His sister runs the family bakery (where we met!), and his mother owns her own business. We see them frequently and enjoy family dinner and movie dates as often as we can. They’re both super excited and supportive of our adoption journey!

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